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Sonya Dessureault
I empower women to tell their story in partner dancing.

I’ve always been an independent person—even in my career as a partner dancer in salsa and now
west coast swing. But more importantly, I’ve discovered the freedom that comes in the
connection in partner dancing. It’s when we can connect with ourselves in a real way that allows us to connect most fully with our partner.

I don’t want you to dance like me. I want you to dance like you.

Connecting with yourself, training your body—none of this is easy. I’ve been through every
emotion, every fear, pain, and struggle, to become the dancer that I am. I’ve looked at my body
and been disappointed. I’ve learned the importance of my thought life. I’ve worked and trained for a healthy body.

I get it. And I’ve also found freedom.

We start by mastering the necessary technique in the dance in a logical, precise, and rigorous process. And then, together, we discover what it means to dance like you.

"Being independent doesn't mean you're alone"


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I love to work to bring dancer’s stories and personal expression into dance! In my dance journey, I have always strived for freedom in my personal expression. This value defines all of my work and growth as a follow.

I also believe that open-role dancing is one of the most important movements in current partner dance culture. It’s happening across genres and reflects an important shift in how we think about gender in dance.

  • Are you a lead who wants to empower your follow? Let’s work together.

  • Are you a man looking to express your individuality as a follow? Let’s work together.

  • Are you a woman looking to lead in a way that accesses both your femininity and personality? Let’s work together. 

  • Are you a woman looking to grow as a strong and vocal follow? Let’s work together.

  • Are you non-gender conforming and feeling confined by current gender narratives in dance? Let’s work together!


I want your story to be told.


As a solo professional, I work with many different dance partners and collaborators. I love to partner for performances, creative exploration, and cross-genre development.

I also have a deep love of dancing outside. If you want to do outdoor dancing, this is my dream!

Who I Work With
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Sonya began her career when she went to school for modern dance in her hometown of Montreal, Quebec. Afterwards, she worked professionally as a salsa and latin street dance teacher. Sonya discovered west coast swing through a crossover performance at a salsa congress.

Sonya loved the freedom of expression in west coast swing and knew she had found her dance. With her trademark intensity, she trained and quickly moved up the ranks. She took a risk and left everything she had in Montreal and went to Europe. She began by teaching at a west coast swing event and from there was invited to teach all over the continent. Sonya began a partnership with Stephen White at that time, together producing several notable and iconic showcase and classic routines.


Sonya believes all great dancing comes from learning to understand and then having fun with what you know. She’s technically precise and thorough in her teaching methods and structures. She’s known for her fierce commitment to personal growth in herself and others, both on and off the dance floor. Now, Sonya works full-time to empower everybody in partner dancing to dance free.

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