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Invest in your dance journey.


"When you study with me, you don’t just get a private lesson.

You get a team member who is as invested in your dancing as you are.

I genuinely care how you grow—for the time we work together, we are partners in your journey!"


What I Offer

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Get instruction via private lessons, workshops, and intensives

aimed at supporting solo work critical for excellent partnership and easy self-expression.

Dance Workshops and intensives
Private Lessons
Mental coaching




I offer a wide range of workshops. I have also begun to offer multi-hour intensives.

Topics include:

  • Followers Focus

  • Musicality

  • Connection

  • Lift and Weight

  • Somatics for West Coast Swing

Work with me one on one. Get the individual instruction, feedback and correction to help improve your dancing.

Dance is as much about the mind as it is about the body. With fourteen years of full time dancing alongside yoga certification and energy training, I can offer a unique perspective on how our minds are critical to our bodies. The invisible matters for effective dancing.

Let’s explore together!

Video coaching
Dance choreography
Dance judge




For a monthly rate, get weekly individual feedback and homework. I’ll evaluate your progress and help you grow in your freedom!

My video coaching is currently full. I will update Facebook and Instagram when there are openings, BUT! In the meanwhile, feel free to register on my video platform at:

My goal: that no one will look at choreography and know we choreographed it.

It will look that much like you.

We work with partnerships looking for movement that fits your musicality and personality.


I am available to partner on choreography development and execution alongside other dance professionals.

I provide judging for dance competitions of all kinds. I have judged across the globe at numerous dance events and am available to judge at upcoming events.

"Sonya has been an amazing resource for learning WCS. Since we didn’t have any teachers in our community, the video coaching was a huge help. Not only Sonya's coaching was clear, goal-driven and motivating, she was always on point with what we needed to focus on to step up our game. Still today, Sonya is always available to answer our questions and is always cheerful for our success. I find myself really lucky to had the chance to learn from such a great teacher and person."

- Joëlle

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