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It is hard to grow a new dance scene. West coast swing is spreading around the world. And there are more and more people like you making it happen—community leaders and learners who don’t have access to regular, quality instruction and are struggling to build an independent dance scene.

Here’s the thing: it is challenging to grow a new dance scene. It’s hard to learn how to teach, it’s hard to keep growing in the dance while you’re on your own, it’s hard to be the only teacher in an area.

What if you could bring in a dance pro for more than a workshop weekend?

Have them not just visit but join your community and build a scene that will last?


Introducing my artist in residency program!

Designed for you to bring a champion level dancer and instructor to your community for one to three months to kickstart and accelerate your dance scene!

This program is in its beta stage. Are you interested?

Send me an email  and let’s talk about what this could look like!

Building A Community
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