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Here’s what I know: being a good follow doesn’t mean being silent. In fact, it’s the opposite. We become a great partner only when we dance true to ourselves. When we dance free.

My work is to equip you to dance like you. I do this through technical training that can ground you in your body—while we also revise the stories you tell yourself about what it means to be you.

Access your self-expression, your physical potential, and your dance joy.

Dance Free, sisters!

"Sonya consistently delivers great results out of the people who practice what she shows them. Sonya Dessureault is very knowledgeable. What I especially like is that she does not shy away from educating you on the multiple different techniques of achieving the same goal and then explaining which one is her preference and why. This way Sonya gives you a broader education on the dance, and this is something I really appreciate about her."

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